Since its founding Allied has been committed to provide its customers with the highest standard of professional and technical excellence, and currently employs more than 700 highly trained, highly motivated staff every one of them dedicated to serve our customers. They include fully qualified, Caterpillar trained engineers who are actively involved in the Sales, Services & Support of the entire Caterpillar product range. Allied in collaboration with Caterpillar, engages a competence based training program for its employees across the board.

We at Allied Engineering and Services (Pvt.) Ltd. clearly realize of what great importance TRAINING carries in the corporate world to keep up with the pace of the Global Market place. Thus, we find it mandatory to impart training on a regular basis to keep our employees updated and in-line with Caterpillar’s vision, mission, and guidelines. We not only emphasize internal training but also provide operation & maintenance training to our customers for the optimal performance and increased service life of industrial equipment and machinery. These training sessions help us to meet our annual targets at a steady pace, ensure customer reliability on the product and services we offer and even allows us to have great market coverage or to explore more opportunities within the market.

  • Each member of Product Support team is assigned with an individual Learning Plan which is reviewed and updated twice a year as the organization firmly believes that the key to superior service is the training.
  • Web Based Training (WBT) courses as well as Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses are assigned to Allied employees.
  • On Job Training (OJT) is an important part of Allied employees Training plan.
  • A large number of Engineers at Allied are trained at Caterpillar Learning & Development Facilities in Malaga Spain, USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Dubai. This all is done to ensure that our engineers have their skills honed up to date with the product technological features.
  • Learning Plan / Training Plan is specifically monitored & assessed and linked with Career Development Plan.
  • Also maintain a huge library of technical literature and Web Based Training materials packaged to take care of all internal and external training requirements.
  • Have purpose built specially designed training rooms.
  • Allied is enrolled with Caterpillar Accredited Training Instructor Program who leads Train-the-Trainer theme within Allied.

Caterpillar and its dealers have been intimately involved for many years in the training and development of local populations globally. This learning and development program is a multi-year partnership in which Allied and Caterpillar will provide their expertise and experience to create a competent skill available for our customers.