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Power Systems

Engine and Power Systems
Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of medium speed engines, as well as one of the world's largest manufacturers of high speed diesel engines, with ratings available from 54 to 13,600 hp (40 to 10,000 kW). Caterpillar is also a major supplier of HD diesel fuel systems, including the revolutionary HEUITM fuel system, and the world's largest producer of HD natural gas engines.


Caterpillar engines and engine systems provide power to the world. Our engines provide power to trucks, ships and boats, our own construction and mining machines, and much more. Electrical power systems supply both primary and standby power for a variety of uses - like off-shore oil rigs, huge mines in remote deserts or mountain ranges, entire communities in areas not close to a utility power grid, hospitals, schools, factories, airports and office buildings.

With over 500 engine spec sheets on-line, we offer more real info than everyone else put together.

Truck Engines

Valuable information you need to harness the power of Caterpillar is right at your fingertips with Cat Truck Engines Online. It provides you with information on everything from products and services information, to current promotions and events. 


Every Cat® marine engine comes with 75 years of engine experience. When you choose Cat engines, you enjoy cutting-edge technology and advanced materials. 

Industrial / OEM

Power your equipment with Caterpillar and you give your customers a competitive edge. Cat® engines deliver all the name has come to signify: Durability. Reliability. Efficiency. Performance. 

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down. 

Electric Power

Caterpillar Gen Sets deliver the power you need, when and where you need it. The Cat Engines used in our generator sets are designed for long life before overhaul. 


The history of Caterpillar and Caterpillar Engine Division is a tribute to the people who wrote it with their toil, ideas and dreams.
 Service & Support
Caterpillar's reputation as a quality supplier of engines has been built to a large extent on our long commitment to service and support.
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