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The Caterpillar range of machinery and equipment for the building and construction industry is acknowledged worldwide as being the best. The name on every Cat machine, attachment or part has always been a promise of rugged, day-in, day-out dependability. 


With Caterpillar brand Forklift Trucks, you will benefit not only from the near-indestructible construction of the equipment but also a national network of Allied Engineering & Services Ltd. offices for excellent support of your material handling needs. 

Power Equipment

Caterpillar generators starting from 10 KVA to 20,250 KVA run on Diesel, Heavy fuel and Natural gas in the Textile, Glass, Engineering and Oil & Gas industries. Gas and Heavy Fuel Engines run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 


Developed by Caterpillar for all reciprocating engines, transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems. S.O.S. is preventive maintenance at its finest. It was developed by people who know engines better than anyone, and who have a vested interest in better performance, longer life and increased customer satisfaction. 

Used Equipment

When you buy a used Machine, Forklift or a Generator Set from Allied, you are assured of the highest productivity and quality. Allied’s trained Service Engineers take pride in their inspection and repair processes, including researching previous ownership, application and Service, records, giving you the highest comfort level in truly knowing what you are purchasing. 

The right machine

Our Caterpillar trained staff using Computerized Equipment Investment Analysis, Fleet Production Calculations and other sophisticated tools, can recommend the optimum machine systems for every task whether it is land clearing, roadbed preparation, compacting, mass excavation, grading, irrigation, ditch, canal digging, haul road maintenance, rock aggregate loading, hauling, and thousand and-one other tasks, big and small.

Through the concept of Cost Per Ton, we give you the vision to see profit rather than price.