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Deisel Engine Oil
Field proven for consistent performance, Cat Diesel Engine Oil reduces oil consumption up to 40% over monograde oils like SAE30.

Cat DEO :

• keeps soot suspended with strong soot dispersancy, resulting in cleaner pistons for extended engine life, lower oil consumption, and lower emissions.
• is tested, certified, and licensed by API and meets other major OEM engine performance requirements.
• is compatible with OEM low emission engine designs.
• allows you to standardize on one oil for your entire fleet.
• optimizes oil change intervals, providing strong soot dispersancy and added reserve to neutralize the sulfuric acids that can build up and lead to corrosive wear. (S-O-S fluid analysis and genuine Cat oil filters also help you optimize change intervals.)

Premium oil for optimum engine life and performance

API CI - 4 defines a minimum engine performance level for commercial engine oils. Many companies develop two types of oil-fighting grade and premium. Generally, fighting grade oils just meet API CI - 4 specifications, while premium oils far exceed them. You need to make this distinction with your oil supplier when you make your decision to purchase oil. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to distinguish these two performance levels without conducting extensive used oil analysis on your engine and comparing the results of the two oils.
Caterpillar has developed only one oil; Cat DEO which is a premium oil that greatly exceeds the minimum requirements of API CI - 4.

Natural Gas Engine Oil
Cat Natural Gas Engine Oil is made from the highest quality selected base stocks (not available in Pakistan) and additives to provide excellent oxidation, nitration, and thermal stability; reduced levels of carbon and sludge formation; improved piston cleanliness; and long oil and filter life. It also uses advanced additive technology to enable the use of a low ash level that exhibits high ash performance characteristics. Cat NGEO protects vital engine components and helps your engine perform better and can be used in Cat and Non Cat turbocharged and naturally aspirated medium to high speed, four-cycle gas engines requiring a low ash level product. It provides maximum protection against:

• valve guide face and seat damage.
• piston scuffing, scoring, and piston/cylinder liner wear.
• foam and corrosion damage.
• piston carbon deposits.

• Protects against pitting damage on cylinder liners, etc. 
• Helps prevent the formation of rust and mineral deposits in the cooling system.
• Protects all metals including aluminum.
• Does not affect hoses, gaskets, or O-rings.
• Compatible with ethylene glycol anti-freezes.
• Not recommended for engines with aluminum cylinder heads because of higher surface temperatures.

Health and safety
According to toxicology information, Cat Diesel Engine Oil, Natural Gas Engine Oil and Coolants has little or no adverse effects if handled and used properly. No special precautions are suggested beyond attending to good personal hygiene and avoiding prolonged, repeated skin contact.